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Justice for Breonna Taylor

Here at Feed The Streetz Foundation, we are not a social justice organization but we do believe in doing what's right and speaking about what's right. Three plainclothes LMPD officers executed a no-knock search warrant and entered her apartment in Louisville, Kentucky. Gunfire was exchanged between Taylor's boyfriend Kenneth Walker and the officers. Kenneth Walker believed that the officers were intruders, which he had every right to believe. He was trying to protect his girlfriend at any cost. The police officers were in unmarked vehicles. None of the officers were wearing body cameras, as all three were plainclothes narcotics officers. Taylor and Walker thought their home had been broken into by criminals and that they were in significant, imminent danger. The police officers sprayed gunfire into the residence with a total disregard for the value of human life. We stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and believe those three(3) police officers should be arrested and charged.


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